Conditions of sale

Sale's conditions of sale 

The following conditions apply to the sale of goods and services on

The agreement entered into is between you and A/S, Dynamovej 11C, 2860 Søborg, Denmark. Danish Central Business Register No. (CVR No.) 24994570.


Registering as a customer To be able to sell goods and services at, you must create a customer account, read and conform our conditions of purchase and sale as well as our privacy policy. You also need to provide your bank account details to receive payment for your sale.


Criteria, valuation and description of items We only accept lawful goods and services of good quality, and where the sales price is expected to be a minimum of DKK/SEK 800, EUR 100, however for Stamps, Coins, notes and bars DKK/SEK 350/EUR 47. bases its estimates of an item on the previous sales of the same type of items, current market trends as well as the seller's expectations of the sale. Providing estimates is not an exact science but an indication. Ultimately, the market price is dictated by the buyers, and this price fluctuates. This means that some hammer prices will be higher or lower than the given estimate. On consignment, you must provide us with all the information you have about the item or service and when the auction starts you need to make sure that the lot description is correct. If this is not the case you must inform us in writing immediately. You are required to provide us with a photo ID (passport or driver's license) when consigning an item. If someone else is delivering your item on your behalf, in addition to their ID they are required to bring a copy of your ID and a written statement authorizing you to serve as proxy on their behalf.


Seller's commission and seller's fee at auctions Our seller's commission is a maximum of 15% of the knockdown price including VAT for each item sold. For each sold lot number, a maximum of DKK 200/EUR 27 is charged as a seller's fee (DKK 600/EUR 80 for Former leasing cars). In some product categories the seller's fee is lower, click here to see all rates. The seller's commission and seller's fee cover the costs of registration, valuation, description, photography, display and storage during the sale period.


Commission and fees for 'Buy now' The ‘Buy now’ price, as indicated on, includes an amount equal to the buyer's premium (25%) and the buyer's fee (DKK 110/EUR 15), which will be deducted when you are settled. Our seller's commission is a maximum of 15% of the 'Buy now' price including VAT less deducted the buyer's premium and buyer's fee. For each lot number sold, a maximum of DKK 200/EUR 27 is charged a seller's fee (DKK 600/EUR 80 for Former leasing cars). In some product categories, the seller's fee and buyer's premium are lower, click here to see all rates. The seller's commission and seller's fee cover the costs of registration, valuation, description, photography, display and storage during the sale period. 


Fees and charges as well as the costs of the payment transfers are deducted from your payment. Payments are made to the account number you have provided with your customer number. Payment is made 21 days after the sale, provided both you and the buyer have fulfilled your obligations.


Buyer's right of withdrawal If the buyer does not complete the purchase or exercises their cancellation right the lot is put back on sale in your name and without prior notice. We reserve the right to set the lot for sale until it is sold. Under the EU Consumer Rights Directive, which entered into force 13 June 2014, the buyer can return an item during the cancellation period also if the item has been used. You as seller bear any loss in connection with this type of situation.


Unsold items If the item/services are not sold, you do not pay either the seller's commission or seller's fee. Unless otherwise agreed, has the right to put the item back on sale without prior notice. If the item remains unsold after 5 times at auction, it will be put up for sale with a Buy Now price. If a Buy Now item remains unsold after 8 weeks, the price must be adjusted before a new sale. You may be asked to collect your item within 8 days unless otherwise agreed. If the item is not collected, you must pay a storage fee of DKK 200 / EUR 27 per week. After a further 3 weeks, we can dispose of the item or sell it in our name to cover our costs.


VAT etc. You are responsible for the correct handling of matters concerning taxes, VAT, customs and duties. As a private seller of second-hand items you are normally covered by the margin scheme for second-hand goods and so do not need to be VAT registered. If you are a professional seller, shop or producer and you sell new and unused items under the normal VAT rules, to be able to sell with us you need to be VAT registered in the country where the item is being sold. If you wish to sell second-hand items for which you reclaimed the VAT at the time they were purchased, these must also be sold with VAT. Before you start selling, you need to have entered your VAT number under 'My page' – 'Personal details' on For items sold under the margin scheme for second-hand goods, VAT is calculated based only on the commissions and fees. For items sold under the normal VAT rules, VAT is calculated based on the hammer price/sales price, commissions/premium's and fees. Regardless of which VAT rules an item is sold under, you are paid the full hammer price minus commission and fees. You are responsible for giving correct information about the good or service so we can determine which VAT rules the good or service must be sold under.


Bids and starting bids Bids are visible, but the bidder is anonymous. Auction items are sold at the highest bid, regardless of valuation. You can arrange a starting bid when you hand in your item. It is the auction house that decides, according to our general guidelines, whether an opening bid can/should be placed on a good/service. As a seller, you may not bid on your own items. We reserve the right to delete bids if we deem that the bidding is not in accordance with our guidelines.


Buy now You can agree to a fixed price for your item when you hand it in. The auction house determines the Buy Now price. 


Interrupting an auction and disclaimer of liability for technical problems If the auction/sale has started the good or service cannot be withdrawn. However, we reserve the right to withdraw a good or service from auction/sale, prolong an auction/sale, or restart an auction/sale, if we consider it to be appropriate, for instance, due to suspicion of interference, error, technical difficulties or well-founded doubt about property rights. We are not responsible for delays, disruptions or technical/internet problems of any description, even if these are due to's computers or technical conditions.


Faults and complaints The Danish Sale of Goods Act applies. As we are solely the commission agent and/or intermediary, it is ultimately you who have to honour all compensation and claims under consumer law. If the buyer makes a claim against us, we can withhold the item or your payment. If the buyer makes a claim after you have received your payment, at our request us you are required to pay portion of the payment that is necessary to cover the buyer's claim. If this claim exceeds the amount of the payment you received, you must also pay us the remaining balance. If the sale is executed as a part of your business activities, you bear the full responsibility for the buyer's claims, including compensation claims, unless the claims can solely be attributed to wrongful behaviour on the part of The same applies to product liability. You are additionally obliged to refund expenses we may have incurred in retrieving the item in connection with the buyer's annulment of the purchase.


Legal title You guarantee that you hold the absolute right of property to the items submitted and that these are free from third-party rights and claims. You can only consign items in your own name or with written authorization from the owner. On consignment, we register the seller's name and address. You provide authority to collect necessary permissions that may be required in connection with the sale under relevant legislation.


Insurance The Danish Insurance Contracts Act applies in case of fire, theft, or water damage etc. to a lot in our care. This means that cover has to be provided by your home insurance or insurance of goods policy if items held by a third party are covered. If this is not the case, the item is normally insured by us. Compensation amounts to a maximum of the estimate with commission and hammer fee deducted. However, if at the time of the damage the highest bid or hammer price for the lot is higher than the estimate this may be taken into account in setting the level of compensation. If the lot is subject to the normal VAT rules, potential compensation may be set equalling the lot's cost price, though not exceeding 50% of the lot's estimated retail price.


Your personal details As a customer of, it is important, and it is your own responsibility, to ensure that your personal information is correct and complete, including your email address and your bank account details. You can always make any necessary corrections on 'My page' – 'Personal details'. Read more about how we store and protect your personal information in our privacy policy. cooperates with the police. Therefore, supplies customer information to the police to the extent necessary to assist the police in their enquiries.


Amendments to the conditions We reserve the right at any time to make additions or alterations to the conditions of sale. You will be informed about any changes the next time you log in to, at which time you will be asked to accept the changes before you continue.


Choice of law and disputes Unless otherwise specified by the law, which cannot be derogated from by contract, disputes between and the seller are subject to Danish law and are to be settled by the City Court of Copenhagen according to the Danish Administration of Justice Act, including the rules on appeal. In cases concerning consumer contracts, the rules of jurisdiction of the Danish Administration of Justice Act apply. See more on 

Last updated 31.08.2023